Two Faculty of Science researchers receive Vidi grant

Two researchers from the Faculty of Science are awarded a NWO Vidi grant of up to 800,000 Euros each. Florian Meirer (Chemistry) and Carmine Ortix (Physics) will use the grant to develop their own line of research and build a research group for a period of five years. The Vidi grant scheme is aimed at outstanding researchers who have undertaken a number of years of successful research since receiving their PhDs. The scientists are among the best ten to twenty percent of their field.

A total of 572 researchers in the Netherlands submitted a Vidi application. NWO has awarded 87 applications, of which a total of seven at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht. NWO selects the Vidi laureates based on the quality of the researcher, the innovative nature of the research, the expected scientific impact of the proposal and the possibilities for knowledge utilisation.

Studying paths through the pore labyrinth of catalysts
Dr. Florian Meirer, Utrecht University

Functional porous materials such as catalysts are essential for producing modern everyday life products. The materials’ pores form a complex maze that influences their macroscopic properties. This project will explore how matter travels through this labyrinth and relate this to catalyst performance.

Shaping nanomaterials for future electronics
Dr. Carmine Ortix, Utrecht University

Semiconductor nanomembranes –  sheets of materials with nanoscale thicknesses – can be rolled or folded into a variety of curved geometric shapes, such as spirals and helices. Researchers will investigate how quantum effects in these curved nanoarchitectures can make new electronics possible.