18 June 2018

Movie on fathers and daughters in science

'Through my daughter's eyes'

For the occasion of Father's Day, all Dutch universities received the movie ‘Door de ogen van mijn dochter’ (Through my daughter's eyes) as a gift from Athena's Angels. In the Father's Day movie, five top-level scientist men observe scientific operations through their daughters' eyes.

These five men are Robbert Dijkgraaf, Ben Feringa, Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Wim van Saarloos and Carel Stolker. They are each father to at least one daughter. As fathers, they have an influence on their daughters' choices of professions and careers, enabling them to contribute to the improvement of women's position in science.

The movie was made by Erik Heuvelink. The entire trailer (1:36 minutes) and the entire movie (25:08 minutes) can be watched below.

Watch the trailer:
Watch the movie:
The movie, made by Erik Heuvelink, is an Athena’s Angels initiative.


The movie is produced by Athena’s Angels, an initiative of four female professors to stand up for the interests of women in science. Naomi Ellemers, a Distinguished Professor at Utrecht University, is one of the driving forces behind Athena’s Angels. Ellemers says: “The position of women in science is still cause for concern. The many fathers who work at universities can do something about that, for their daughters or for their female PhD Candidates and Postdoctoral Researchers. Research has shown that fathers are of great influence to their daughters' choices of professions and careers.”


Annetje Ottow, who is the Vice-President of Utrecht University and the President of the university's Diversity Task Force, fully supports the message of the movie. “We are proud to have appointed more female professors than male professors in 2017. This raised the percentage of female professors to 24.2 %. But we're not done yet: the percentage has to be raised to 27 % by 2020. We're also active in other fields to recruit students and staff from groups that are currently underrepresented. We're very busy working on a diversity culture in which everyone can feel at home.”

Henk Kummeling, the Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University, officially accepted the gift. Kummeling says: “I'd love to pass this inspiring movie about fathers and daughters in science to all employees, and to all fathers in particular.”

If you would like more information about the movie or about Athena's Angels, please send an email to info@athenasangels.nl.