13 January 2020

Three Utrecht Researchers receive Rubicon Grant

Three researchers from the Utrecht University and the University Medical Centre Utrecht received a Rubicon grant. The Rubicon grant allows these scientists to do their research at top institutes and gives them the opportunity to gain international research experience.

With a Rubicon grant researchers can conduct research for a period up to 24 months at a foreign research institute. For many researchers, experience abroad is an important step in their career.  The size of the grant depends on the destination chosen and the length of stay. In this round, 16 researchers in total received the Rubicon grant.

Deltas as indicators for water and life on Mars
Lisanne Braat MsC

Lisanne Braat will go to California Institute for Technology for 24 months. Clay depositions due to water movements in the past  are very important in the search for life on Mars because they can retain biosignatures well. By reconstructing deltas we can determine where clay depositions occur and how water flowed over the planet in the past.

Good bacteria and healthy noses
Rob van Dalen
Dr. Rob van Dalen

Rob van Dalen will conduct his researcg at Eberhard‐Karls‐Universität Tübingen , Germany, for the coming two years. If the wrong bacteria can live in our nose, then we suffer from respiratory inflammations and allergies. This project will investigate how our immune system recognises the bacteria in our nose and can therefore attack the wrong bacteria, but support the good ones.

Releasing all brakes against cancer
Janneke Peeters
Dr. Janneke Peeters

Janneke Peeters will go to University of California, Berkely, to conduct her research. Neuroblastoma is a highly lethal form of childhood cancer because our immune system cannot attack the tumour. Peeters will investigate how cells that inhibit the immune system contribute to neuroblastoma and will try to find mechanisms that can eliminate these cells.