13 December 2016

Three prestigious ERC Consolidator Grants for the Faculty of Humanities

V.l.n.r.: prof. Christian Lange, prof. Ingrid Robeyns en dr. Dirk van Miert
From left to right: Prof. Christian Lange, Prof. Ingrid Robeyns and Dr Dirk van Miert

Prof. Christian Lange (Islam and Arabic), Dr Dirk van Miert (Cultural History / Culture, Citizenship and Human Rights) and Prof. Ingrid Robeyns (Ethics) have each received the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant 2016 of 2 million euros. Van Miert and Robeyns are associated with the Strategic Theme Institutions for Open Societies.

Christian Lange will study the senses in Islam 

The aim of SENSIS (‘The senses in Islam’) is to write a cultural history of the senses in Islam, by examining how over the centuries the senses have been conceptualised, and calibrated, in a variety of Muslim literary traditions: the legal literature, Islamic philosophy and theology, and Arabic and Persian poetry.

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Dirk van Miert will explore the pre-history of Open Science 

Open Science and Open Access are hotly debated today in the academic world. Most scholars are in favour of sharing their knowledge freely, even if there is no guarantee that they will get something in return. Apparently they assume that there is some greater good involved in sharing knowledge. Where does this ideal of knowledge come from?

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Ingrid Robeyns will conduct philosophical research on economic and ecological justice

Inequalities in wealth are significant and on average increasing, and various ecological sinks and resources are overused. These circumstances should prompt us to rethink what fairness entails in the distribution of economic and ecological material resources. In particular, are there good grounds to opt for upper limits in the distribution of those resources? Are there, from a moral point of view, certain limits in our appropriation or use of material resources that should not be crossed? Can we say, either individually or collectively, that at some point we are polluting too much and using too many natural resources, or that we are having too much wealth? If so, why – and if not, why not?

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ERC Consolidator Grant

ERC Consolidator Grants are designed to back up researchers who want to establish their research teams and continue developing a successful career in Europe. The scheme also strengthens independent and excellent new individual research teams that have been recently created.