The YOUth cohort study: all YOUth data at a glance in interactive prospectus

YOUth is an accelerated population-based longitudinal cohort study on child development with repeated measurements, centering on two groups: YOUth Baby & Child (form pregnancy to 6 years) and YOUth Child & Adolescent (starting at 8 years). The YOUth cohort study specifically focuses on two core characteristics of behavioral development: social competence and self-regulation. This means that an enormous wealth of information is collected for each participant spanning multiple measurements: varying from biological material and computer tasks to MRI, EEG, eyetracking and 3D-ultrasounds.

YOUth encourages and facilitates extensive and appropriate use of its data by researchers. To help researchers interested in working with this data get a better overview of what is available, we have created an interactive prospectus. This prospectus is generated automatically and periodically, and features inclusion counts and experiment descriptions. We hope this helps researchers find they are looking for in our goldmine of data. To request access, researchers can make use of our online data request system.