8 March 2017

The Virtual Supermarket and DiagnostiGO selected for the Ureka Mega Challenge

The UMC Ureka Mega Challenge is a yearly contest held at the UMC to help promote creative and innovative ideas. Two Game Research projects, The Virtual Supermarket - Virtual shopping for realistic assessment of cognitive function- virtual reality in rehabilitationand DiagnostiGO- a serious game to train young doctors, have entered the pre-final stage of the contest and now it's up to the general public to vote for the best project - and therefore we need your help!

How does it work?

All projects have made a videopitch about their entry. The number of views and likes is one of the criteria to win the competition. We made it easy for you and posted the videos of the projects right here. To "vote", go to YouTube by clicking on the logo in the videos below, watch and like the video - and that's it! We wish the Virtual Supermarket and DiagnostiGO the best of luck with the contest - and of course we hope they will win!

More information

For more information about the contest, please visit the Ureka Mega Challenge

For more information about the projects, watch the videos below. 

The Virtual Supermarket, dr. Tanja Nijboer
DiagnostiGO, Paula van Ooik