The value of synergy between education, research and society

Inaugural lecture Niels Bovenschen

Niels Bovenschen
Niels Bovenschen. photographer: Ed van Rijswijk

Coming up with a new treatment for a form of brain cancer. Or collaborating with patients, doctors and researchers to find out more about the emergence and treatment of long covid. Already during their bachelor phase, Niels Bovenschen lets students work on real research and solutions to complex societal problems. On Wednesday 7 June, Bovenschen, professor of Biomedical Research-based Education at the Faculty of Medicine, gave his inaugural lecture on the importance of the synergy between education, research and society. 

By having students of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences collaborate on scientific research early on in their education, we can tackle complex social problems even better, says Bovenschen.

An entirety is created that is greater than the sum of its parts and this creates a win-win situation for all parties. Not only are students' academic skills trained, researchers and doctors also benefit from students' brainpower and critical eye. They can use students' results and data for their own work. Teaching contributes to the growth of researchers and doctors. As Aristotle put it, 'Teaching is the highest form of understanding'. And in the end, it is the patient who benefits from research that might otherwise never have been done.

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