30 May 2019

The inspirational IT project of Francien Peterse

As part of educational innovation and the usage of ICT in education, UYA-member dr. Francien Peterse developed an online lab manual. She was able to do this with the help of a grant from Educatie-it.

portret francien peterse

Educate-it is a university-wide programme supported by and supportive of teachers and students, with the education of the future in mind. Besides assisting teachers to (re)design their courses by incorporating the teaching methods and ideas of blended learning, Educate-it also offers practical and technical support for IT tools that have proved their educational value. Educate-it works on an evidence-informed basis.

For a course within the bachelor Earth Sciences, Peterse collaborated with Educatie-it to develop LabBuddy: an online manual for practicals aiming to fully prepare students for the experiments they will perform in the lab.

The project has been wrapped up successfully. Watch the video on the project's findings below.