5 October 2012

The History of Futurism: The Precursors, Protagonists, and Legacies

This volume addresses the history and legacy of what is generally seen as the founding avante-garde movement of the twentieth century. Prof. Geert Buelens (Dutch Language and Culture), Prof. Harald Hendrix (Italian Language and Culture), and Dr Monica Jansen (Italian Language and Culture) have brought together scholarship from an international team of specialists to explore the Futurism movement as a multidisciplinary movement mixing aesthetics, politics, and science with a particular focus on the literature of the movement.

Futurism began as an artistic and social movement in early twentieth-century Italy. Until now, much of the scholarship available in English has focused only on a single individual or art form. This volume seeks to present a more complete picture of the movement by exploring the history of the movement, the events leading up to the movement, and the lasting impact it has had as well as the individuals involved in it.

Contributors to the volume include Walter L. Adamson; Günter Berghaus; Monica Biasiolo; Francesca Bravi; Sascha Bru; Silvia Contarini; Eleonora Conti; Patricia Gaborik; Laura Greco; Kyle Hall; Federico Luisetti; Stefano Magni; Florian Mussgnug; Marjorie Perloff; Davide Podavini; Jeffrey T. Schnapp; Beatrice Sica; Teresa Spignoli and Dirk Vanden Berghe.

Geert Buelens is Professor of modern Dutch literature at Utrecht University and guest professor at the University of Stellenbosch.

Harald Hendrix is Professor of Italian studies and head of the Department of Modern Languages at Utrecht University.

Monica Jansen is Lecturer in Italian studies at Utrecht University and teaches Italian at the University of Antwerp.

Book launch: workshop

The book will be launched with an intensive workshop ‘Futurisms: New Directions in Futurism Studies‘ on 19 October at Utrecht University.