The exemplary organisation: book on good conduct in the workplace

People like to do the right thing. This is also true at work, according to numerous scientific studies. Still, the media are constantly reporting on scandals in the corporate world and in government. What makes inappropriate behaviour in the workplace so persistent? Distinguished professor and social psychologist Naomi Ellemers (Utrecht University) and governance scientist Dick de Gilder (VU University Amsterdam) seek to answer these and other questions in their book De voorbeeldige organisatie (‘The exemplary organisation’).

Boek van Naomi Ellemers

The two scientists spent years researching ethical behaviour in organisations. In their book, they analyse why things often go wrong within organisations on this front. Ellemers: ‘We use concrete and recognisable examples to show how to counter empty promises and pseudo-solutions by critically examining the day-to-day course of affairs and working together to make different choices.’

Good conduct

Ellemers says that the book offers guidelines to point organisations in the right direction. ‘When you stop pretending and band together to turn good intentions into good conduct, you’ll be rewarded with more effective leadership, a more successful diversity policy, more sustainable innovations and broader support from staff, customers and other stakeholders.’

Ellemers and De Gilder’s book, De voorbeeldige organisatie: Van goede bedoelingen naar goed gedrag (‘The exemplary organisation: From good intentions to good conduct’) was published on 3 October.