16 September 2010

Joris van Eijnatten & Paula Yates (eds)

The Dynamics of Religious Reform, Volume II

Developments in church-state relationships in north-western Europe between 1780 and 1920 had a substantial impact on reformist ideas, projects and movements within the churches. Conversely, the dynamics of ecclesiastical reform prompted the state itself to react in various ways, through direct intervention or by adapting its policies and/or promulgating laws.

To which extent did church and state mutually influence each other in matters concerning ecclesiastical reform? How and why did they do so? These are the central questions posed in The Churches, the second volume in the series ‘Dynamics of Religious Reform’. The volume concentrates on the reforms generated by the churches themselves and on their response to the political and legal reforms initiated by the state. It shows how processes of church reform evolved differently in different countries.

The position and role of organised religion in the modern state is a matter of continual debate.

This volume offers historical insight into the enduring but sometimes uneasy relationship between church and secular authority.

Joris van Eijnatten holds a position as full professor of Cultural History and Chair of the section ‘History of Culture, Mentalities and Ideas since 1500’. Eijnatten concentrates on three overlapping and interrelated fields: the history of ideas, the history of religion, and the history of media and communication.

Paula Yates is Lecturer in Modern Church History at the University of Wales, Trinity/St. David (formerly University of Wales, Lampeter).

The series

The Churches is Volume II in the new series: The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Church, State and Society in Northern Europe, 1780-1920.

This series examines processes of religious reform between 1780 and 1920 in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Den­mark, Sweden and Norway.

Editors-in-chief: Joris van Eijnatten and Nigel Yates †

Volume I: Political and Legal Perspectives
Future publications in the series:
Volume III: Social Welfare
Volume IV: Education
Volume V: Piety and Modernity
Volume VI: Liturgy, Architecture and Arts

Title: The Dynamics of Religious Reform, Volume II
Author(s): Joris van Eijnatten & Paula Yates (eds)
isbn: 978 90 5867 826 3
Price: € 69,50
Publisher: 2010, Leuven University Press