The Contesting Governance Platform statement on police violence against protesting students

The Contesting Governance platform denounces the disproportional and excessive police force against the peaceful demonstrations of students and faculty at Utrecht University. Such a response not only infringes upon the basic right to peaceful assembly but also undermines the ethos of academic freedom and democratic discourse within our university community. We stand in solidarity with the students and staff who have been subjected to violence and intimidation. It is the University’s responsibility to ensure student well-being. We call upon the Executive Board to acknowledge the gravity of their actions and take responsibility and redress the harm caused. University leadership must uphold the principles of democracy, dialogue, and respect for human rights, rather than resorting to authoritarian tactics to silence dissenting voices.

On behalf of the core members of the platform,

Thijs Jeursen, Katharine Fortin, Tessa Diphoorn, Hayal Akarsu, Ozan Ozavci, Gertjan Plets, Nikkie Wiegink and Jessica Dorsey

Photo by DUB