21 March 2014

‘The Chronicles Projects’: Young translators translate young authors

Anne Roetman en Emma Jane Unsworth
Anne Roetman and Emma Jane Unsworth

Literature and music festival Crossing Border has launched a new project on its website: The Chronicles Projects. The Chronicles Projects is a platform where young, unknown translators present short stories or excerpts from young, unknown authors.

The translators are upcoming professionals and talented graduates and students in literary translation. This is their debut. The authors are discoveries too. The translators searched for authors and novels that appeal to them and were not translated into Dutch before.

Anne Roetman, student of the master programme Literary Translation, provided the first contribution to The Chronicles Projects. She translated a part of Hungry the Stars and Everything by Emma Jane Unsworth. The Chronicles Projects is an inspiring prelude to The Chronicles Live, the project around young festival chroniclers and their translators that takes place during the Crossing Border festival in November.