The best professor is a team player

An important step in recognition and appreciation

Academic leadership and team spirit are becoming a must for anyone who wants to make the step to Professor 1 at Utrecht University. University President Anton Pijpers announced this step during the Opening of the Academic Year, which was celebrated under the title 'Sharing Science, Shaping Tomorrow'. With the revision of the function profile (pdf), UU draws attention to the importance of team spirit and academic leadership at the highest level. An important step towards UU’s new system of recognition and appreciation.

Promotion to the rank of Professor 1 is not a standard career move for every professor. It is a position that is reserved for academics who are figureheads of what the UU stands for. Whereas until now this position was reserved for academics with an exceptional status in their respective field of research, the criteria and the procedure have been changed considerably in the latest revision, in order to fit within the new UU strategy and the Utrecht TRIPLE model for Recognition and Rewards. For example, the candidate must have demonstrable leadership qualities in education or research, and be able to achieve outstanding performance and impact as part of a team. The candidate must therefore have demonstrable qualities in educating, guiding and inspiring colleagues and be able to generate impact on a large scale.

The promotion procedure has also been adjusted. The candidate is asked to write a narrative reflecting on his/her own merits in the TRIPLE domains. If this shows above-average performance in at least three of the domains, the Dean may propose the candidate to the Executive Board. The candidate has the space to highlight publications (limited to five leading publications), and to use relevant indicators and alternative metrics (no h-index or impact factor). 

The profile will be evaluated at the end of 2022.