23 June 2017

Post-Fossil City Contest

The Ark of the Newest Covenant wins Post-Fossil City Contest

The project The Ark of the Newest Covenant: Ten Sustainable Commandments, created by BreukersGodrie, has been chosen as the winner of the Post-Fossil City Contest.


The transition to sustainable cities needs a radical change in culture.

The Ark of the Newest Covenant is a traveling source of inspiration, meant to bring such change. In the Ark reside the Symbolic City and the Ten Sustainable Commandments. The upcoming forty years, the Ark will travel from city to city. In each city, inhabitants will interpret the Ten Sustainable Commandments.

By doing so, they will add their local knowledge and wisdom to the Commandments and conceive new sustainable concepts. In this way, the Ten Sustainable Commandments will cause a chain reaction of cities, together in the same Journey, creating a web of locally founded, sustainable cultures.