6 October 2017

Foundation supports research from Utrecht into Family Empowerment in asylum centres

Thanks to all child welfare-stamp sellers!

School's out, kinderen rennen de straat op om kinderpostzegels te verkopen

In the past week, 160,000 children hit the streets to sell child welfare-stamps. Today, they turned in the ‘proceeds’. Utrecht University wants to thank all children who devoted themselves! This is because the child welfare-stamps finances, among other things, PhD research by ‘our’ Carlijn van Es.

portret van Carlijn van Es
Carlijn van Es

Carlijn researches Family Empowerment (FAME). This is a programme that supports parents and children in asylum-seekers centres and family locations. “During the FAME sessions, multiple families come together,” Carlijn explains. “That way, they can learn from each other and give each other feedback and support. By means of conversations and activities, themes such as “handling stress” are discussed. With our research, we verify whether or not FAME can be carried out well in asylum-seekers centres and how parents and children experience the programme.”

Carlijn is pleased with child welfare-stamps. “First, I have very good memories about selling the stamps. It was always exciting and fun to hit the streets, ring at the neighbours' doors and have conversations with them that way. I'm happy with the foundation now, too: they finance beautiful projects, among other things for children who got nasty experiences at an early age. We can support parents with these funds, so they can also optimally take care of their children in difficult times.”