Teaching and Learning Inspiration Days: will you be there?

In one week from now, the first edition of the Teaching And Learning Inspiration Days will begin! From 30 January until 2 February, there will be a wide range of workshops and lectures to attend. All these sessions aim to support and inspire teachers to boost their teaching, but also students and other UU-people interested in educational innovation are welcome. We would like to highlight some of the sessions, there might be something there for you!

Monday 30 January: Keynote Barend Last on 'Blended Learning

The Teaching and Learning Inspiration Days start with a keynote by Barend Last on Blended Learning in practice. Barend Last discusses recognizable challenges from practice, such as students starting late to study for exams or coming to lectures unprepared and empty lecture halls. He lets you think about your teaching and provides practical tools that you can immediately use in your own teaching. Of course there will be room for questions and attention will be paid to the support you can receive from UU.

Nice to know: Barend Last has written a book, "Blended Learning in Practiceā€¯. Among the participants of this keynote session, we will give away three copies!

Tuesday 31 January: Lunch lecture 'train students as athletes'

Are you looking for a way to teach students skills in preparation for working with real clients? Please join this lunch lecture and get inspired!

Students in our law school reported that they lacked the skills to work with real clients. We explored the extent to which insights from the Constraints-led approach (CLA) from physical education, in which athletes are challenged to find movement solutions independently in a dynamic environment, can be applied in skills education for law students in preparation for clinical work. Would you like to learn more about applying the CLA approach in education? Or are you curious about the results of this experiment? Be sure to come for lunch and listen to the experiences!

Wednesday 1 February : Education in collaboration with external partners: examples, help and an app

U-Collaborate in Education inspires, connects and facilitates teachers who want to develop new forms of transdisciplinary education. We will show some examples of education with external stakeholders currently offered at UU. Participants are also invited to talk about their own initiatives in this area. 

So if you are working on this type of education but need support to make it sustainable, we are happy to discuss how we can facilitate this. Participants will also get a sneak-preview of an app that might offer the relief that (some) teachers are looking for.

Thursday 2 February : Information session 'The rise of Artificial Intelligence in education'

In this information session, we will start at the beginning: what exactly does AI mean?  What are the recent developments and what impact does it have on education? We will discuss this with the three experts within UU in this field. They will also give educational and practical tips on the application of AI in education and there is plenty of room to ask the experts questions.

Are you excited about one of the sessions described above and would you like to register? Please do so here. If you are curious about the other sessions, check out the total overview of workshops. We hope to see you at the Teaching and Learning Inspiration Days!