31 January 2017

Symptoms of the Planetary Condition: A Critical Vocabulary

Dr Birgit Kaiser (Comparative Literature) and Dr Kathrin Thiele (Gender Studies) edited Symptoms of the Planetary Condition: A Critical Vocabulary together with Mercedes Bunz. It is the first publication of Terra Critica, an interdisciplinary research network for the critical humanities that was founded by Kaiser and Thiele in 2012.

The project of this vocabulary starts from the assumption that negativity and judgment, the modes in which critique and critical analyses were practiced and thought since Kant, have run their course; critique as an attitude and a manner of enquiry, however, has not. This publication understands critique as a much broader practice than merely a textual one.

The future of critique

This book explores the future of critique in view of our planetary condition. How are we to intervene in contemporary constellations of finance capitalism, climate change and neoliberalism? Think we must! To get to the symptoms, the book's 38 terms ranging from affect and affirmation to world and work provide the reader with a critical toolbox to be continued. The overall aim of this vocabulary is to begin reexamining critical practice under the conditions of the 21st century, which means first of all to assert critique as a crucial tool of intellectual and practical intervention.