Support from the Mathematical Institute for students, lecturers and researchers from Ukrainian universities

Flags of Ukraine and Europe

With the devastating and prolonged war in Ukraine, students and academics affected by the war voice out that they would like to continue their work. The Mathematical Institute at Utrecht University would like to facilitate this where possible.

For students at Ukrainian universities:

We will be opening English taught courses for students from Ukrainian universities to join either remotely or on location at Utrecht. For the bachelor program this will be facilitated by the Incluusion programme, which also issues certificates of attendance/completion. For master-level courses, see the MasterMath programme. Contact us if you would  like to join or have any questions.

For PhD students / researchers / lecturers in mathematics at Ukrainian universities:

We may provide working space, access to academic papers, lecture rooms for remote education, travel funds or arrange a research visit at the Mathematical Institute. To request  support, please send an email to the address below explaining how we might help you. We will get back to you explaining whether and how we can facilitate your request and what we can do in your particular case.

Contact person: Ivan Kryven,

For the university-wide initiative, please see War in Ukraine.