5 July 2018

Summer in the library

The summer in the library starts on 7 July. The academic year 2017/2018 is over and most Utrecht University staff members and students enjoy their holidays.

Opening hours

The library stays open in the library, but during July and August the library is closed in the evenings and at weekends.

Games and Play summerschool 2014, participants
Utrecht Summer School participants

Summer visitors

Utrecht Summer School participants

But not everyone is on holiday. International students who have signed up for the Utrecht Summer School like to come to the library to work in groups in preparation for the lectures. The library as a familiar meeting place, a home away from home. With their Solis ID they have access to all licenced search engines and online journals of the library. This year a course is given by two subject specialists of Utrecht University Library about Open Science. The library facilitates and supports lecturers and researchers in this important development in the academic world.

Thesis students

Besides the Summer School participants there are students wanting to write their Bachelor’s thesis or Master’s thesis in peace and quiet. At the  Skills Lab,  located in the University Library Uithof,  students can ask the help of writing coaches if they get stuck in the process of finishing their thesis.


But not only students are looking for peace and quiet. The summer period is the right time for researchers to study and process literature in their discipline.

Behind the scenes

Even though it is more quiet than usual in the library, library staff is always stand-by to answer questions. An email to library@uu.nl always finds its way to the right person who will answer your question as quickly and adequately as possible. And of course there is always library staff present at the service desk during opening hours.