Successful winter campaign for the UCU Fund

UCU Fund

In 2018, University College Utrecht took an important step towards professionalising its fundraising and scholarship processes, with the establishment of the UCU Fund, a Named Fund under the umbrella of the Utrecht University Fund. The UCU Fund aims to preserve and foster diversity at University College Utrecht by providing financial support to highly qualified students, who would otherwise not be able to afford an education at UCU.

Letters were sent to all our alumni this winter to inform them about the UCU Fund, while an online campaign was launched to inform a wider public about the importance of supporting future talent at University College Utrecht.

Thanks to our generous donors, we received donations adding up to an amount of over €3.500 for the UCU Fund in the past two months, benefitting both the UCU Scholarships and the Rosemary Orr Scholarship.

Find more information about the UCU Fund and the possibility to contribute.