Successful FCS-free campaign of the 3Rs Centre: join the movement

The 3Rs Centre Utrecht (3RCU) ran a social media campaign (LinkedIn and Twitter) presenting seven scientific arguments why it is better to stop using Fetal Calf Serum (FCS) for cell culture. Apart from ethical concerns that accompany the killing and bleeding of fetal calfs, using FCS can hamper the quality and reproducibility of experimental results.  

Each week we shared an argument, accompanied by a picture chosen to draw attention, raise awareness and to ask questions. Every post ended with a link to the FCS-free database and all arguments were added to our website. The campaign was a great success on LinkedIn as we got plenty of reactions and reposts. 

For now, the 3RCU would like to primarily be a facilitator for you, researchers of the Utrecht Science Park. If you’re convinced and want to join the FCS-free movement, feel invited to the 3RCU Gels & Sera working group. We are working with companies and students to test and implement animal-free alternatives for cell culture media (contact Jeffrey Bajramovic: We can also support you for any other initiative, so please reach out to us.

All pictures of the social media posts of the campaign, generated by an open-source artificial intellingence (Dall.E.2)