Subscription to database Overton continued

As a result of the positive responses in the questionnaire held in October 2022, the library has decided to continue the subscription to Overton until the end of 2023 at the latest.

Create an account

Since early 2022 Utrecht University Library offers Overton, a database which gives an overview of research output which is included in policy documents. Overton makes it easy to find references to research in policy documents. It is also possible to search policy documents (full-text) by subject, title and organization. Interested? Why not create an account and benefit from this extensive database?

Webinar Overton

Overton organises an online webinar to discuss the main functionalities of this database. The webinar is held in English.

Please register by sending an email to Felix Weijdema.

Societal impact

As Overton aims at linking policy and science together, it fits in well with the ambitions of Utrecht University related to societal impact and public engagement.

Do you have any questions about Overton? Please contact the library.