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What’s happening in your students’ heads?!

Do you want to try a possible solution to a problem in your student’s learning? Do you want to obtain more information that can help you gain insight into your student’s learning? Taking a systematic, research-informed approach to these questions, according to the principles of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), will not only provide you with answers to these questions but will also contribute to education quality by generating context- and discipline specific, educational knowledge.

“Will the use of a mobile application during my Bachelor course help students to achieve anatomy knowledge as preparation for my teaching session?”, is a suitable SoTL question! Please find more of previously granted projects here.

All teachers (starting and more experienced) can now apply for granting of small SoTL projects. The main requirements are that the application is related to your own classroom practice, and concerns a systematic, research informed (SoTL) approach of your teaching.

Grant proposals have a maximum budget of €5.000,-. Deadlines will be three times a year (30 September, 31 January and 31 May) – outcomes will be communicated within the month following a deadline.

Please use the Utrecht Roadmap for Teaching Innovation and Scholarship while designing your project and writing a grant proposal.