Studying in a new era: VSNU’s vision on academic education

Vereniging van Universiteiten (VSNU)
Studying in a new era

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has presented its strategic vision for education. This vision is the result of a discussion that the universities, including Utrecht University, have been conducting for some time – both within the individual universities and on a VSNU-wide basis. Various issues are addressed, such as: How will university education look in 2025? What will this mean for students, for the academic environment and for students’ place in society? And how will universities prepare their students for these developments?

The VSNU vision provides material for a range of ongoing discussions and debates with regard to the future of university education. All the universities have contributed to the development of this joint vision, while also recognising that universities vary in terms of programmes, disciplines and ambitions. This means that the vision will be realised differently at each university.

President of the Executive Board Marjan Oudeman: ‘This vision provides the outline within which we as Utrecht University can continue to make our own choices and steer our own course. It will form one of the background documents for the creation of our new Strategic Plan. But in addition to this, we would also like input from our own lecturers and researchers, students, alumni and external collaboration partners for the new Strategic Plan 2020 for Utrecht University. This process will be commencing soon, and I very much look forward to it.’