4 February 2020

Students and staff of Hitotsubashi University visit U.S.E.

Hitotsubashi students

In the context of a long-standing collaboration between the Utrecht University School of Economics and the Faculty of Economics of Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan), a delegation of Japanese students and lecturers visited U.S.E. on Friday 24 January. The students presented research projects to students and staff of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystems course, hosted by Erik Stam and Friedemann Polzin at UtrechtInc, where they also had a short tour introducing them to this Utrecht based incubator for startups.

From Rocket Science Industry to Renewable Energy Policy

The eleven students of Hitotsubashi University, mostly in their second Bachelor’s year, presented their current research projects. Students and staff from the Entrepreneurial Ecosystems course gave them feedback on their presentations. The subjects were ranging far beyond entrepreneurship, from ‘A comparison of the Agricultural Policies in the EEC and Japan’, to ‘Comparison of the Rocket Science Industry of the EU with Japan and the US’ and ‘International Labour Mobility and Immigration in France and Japan’ to ‘Renewable Energy Policies in Germany – a comparison with Japan’ and much more.

Different perspectives

It was an interesting day of presentations, discussion and insights in current issues and development in Japan en Europe. For the students from Hitotsubashi University this day offered the opportunity to get a rather different, international perspective on their research subjects. The tour of UtrechtInc also introduced them to a new, different and inspiring way of thinking about entrepreneurship.

After this day at Utrecht University the group of students and staff of Hitotsubashi University travelled on to visit universities in Belgium and France.