Start Open Science Programme Utrecht University

Start Open Science Programma

Utrecht University aims to be at the forefront of open science. Therefore the executive Board initiated the Utrecht University Open Science Programme. A programme that aims to stimulate and facilitate researchers to put open science into practice.


Why is open science of importance for Utrecht University?

Many of the challenges that confront us are highly complex and cannot be solved one dimensionally. Scientific insights are indispensable in finding solutions but close cooperation between government, business, society and universities will be needed. It is within this context, that “Utrecht University aims to operate at the forefront of Open Science. The university is convinced that scientific research can contribute to better solutions to complex problems if knowledge is shared as widely and as quickly as possible” (from the Strategic Plan Utrecht University 2016-2020).

Key topics

The scope of a programme on open science could potentially be very broad. To add focus the UU Open Science Programme is centered around the following topics:

  • Open access
  • FAIR data and software
  • Public engagement
  • Recognition and rewards

The Open Science Programme is directed by an Open Science Platform which includes members of the entire UU research community. Frank Miedema is chair of this platform. Anja Smit will act as secretary. Their initial focus will be on further structuring the programme and setting the course of the programme heading for 2021. All faculty deans view open science as a current theme and support the plan.