Sport & Society Call for Seed Money 2020-2022

The Utrecht University focus area Sport & Society promotes innovative, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research that studies the meaning of sport for a healthy, inclusive and secure society. In order to reach its goals, Sport & Society offers the opportunity to researchers and lecturers from UU and UMCU to apply for seed money. Other researchers/partners are invited to contact us as well.

The 2020-2022 seed money call consists of two different thematic calls for research programmes:

  1. Institutions as bad barrels: criminal undermining of sport clubs 
  2. The power of risky play 

With the 2020-2022 call for seed money, Sport & Society aims to subsidise two (two-year) research programmes in which researchers from different disciplines investigate the issues of respectively criminal undermining of sport clubs and risky play from an inter-/transdisciplinary perspective and by using innovative approaches. These topics have been selected because of their relevance for Sport & Society and their potential for generating innovative and impactful research. 

Deadline: 5 December 2019

All UU/UMCU researchers are invited to submit their motivations to join the research teams before 5 December 2019. See the position papers for more information and procedure. 

Interested, but not a UU/UMCU researcher?

We are also open to other partners. Please share your interest and ideas with the corresponding authors: Ineke Deelen ( regarding criminal undermining of sport clubs and Kristine de Martelaer ( for risky play.