Special Issue Water International on Flood Resilience of Private Properties

Zandzakken tegen overstroming van een straat in Praag

An interdisciplinary group of scholars from Utrecht University contributed to a special issue of the journal Water International on "Flood Resilience of Private Properties". 

All contributions to this special issue share a focus on individual homeowners’ responses to flood risks, mainly river floods and flash floods. This was a unique and innovative perspective, which was approached from different disciplinary backgrounds – covering engineering, geography, planning, policy and legal approaches.

The issue describes situations in Bangladesh, Flanders, the Netherlands, China, Austria, The United States of America and Central Europe. It deals with flood risk reduction and flood risk protection and individual and state responsibilities. The preparation of this special issue and a workshop organised to discuss the articles of all the authors was financially supported by the hub Water, Climate and Future Deltas of the Pathways to Sustainability research theme of Utrecht University.

Guest editors of Utrecht University were Willemijn van Doorn - Hoekveld and Marleen van Rijswick, together with Thomas Hartmann (Wageningen University & Research) and Tejo Spit (recently Utrecht University, now emeritus)

The special issue is Volume 44, issue 5, 2019 of the journal Water International. 

Read the Special Issue "Flood resilience of private properties" online