21 February 2018

Civil Wars Journal

Special Issue: Armed Groups and Multi-Layered Governance

Prof. Georg Frerks and Niels Terpstra MA wrote two articles for a special issue of Civil Wars Journal (volume 19, issue 3, 2017). They were also guest editors for this issue on "Armed Groups and Multi-layered Governance". 

Georg Frerks en Niels Terpstra
Georg Frerks en Niels Terpstra


In this special issue we broaden the academic debate on rebel governance by examining additional armed actors – militias, police and foreign intervenors, and the ‘layers’ of governance they add. We develop the notion of ‘multi-layered’ governance to capture the complexity of these cases. We consider ‘mediated stateness’ as a special case of multi-layered governance.

We discuss ‘polycentricity’ as an equivalent concept, but deem multi-layered governance more appropriate. The following articles discuss rebels’ legitimation strategies, armed opposition factions, auxiliary armed forces, mediated stateness and intervention by foreign powers to highlight the roles of different actors and the resulting impacts on governance.