24 February 2017

Slow traffic March - August 2017

From March to August 2017, major road work scheduled for the Uithof will mean that commuters will face heavy traffic when travelling to and from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.


The road work will involve narrowing the Universiteitsweg from three lanes to two in each direction. The intersection is already a high traffic area, and it is expected to become even more crowded due to the loss of the extra lane. As a result, drivers will have to plan for delays:
•especially before 09:00 in the direction of the faculty;
•when leaving the faculty between 15:00 and 18:00.

In order to avoid the traffic, drivers are advised to park in the P+R De Uithof, to travel during off-peak hours, or to travel by bicycle or public transportation.
Cyclists and pedestrians

The construction work will have consequences for cyclists and pedestrians as well, although they will be less severe. The crosswalks for cyclists and pedestrians from the Universiteitsweg to the Bolognalaan will be moved approximately 40 meters from the intersection.