8 November 2018

Shall we stay in touch. How we remove the mind from our worldview

On 5 October Uitgeverij Klement published Shall we stay in touch. How we remove the mind from our worldview, a book by dr. Rob van Gerwen (Practical Philosophy). 

Dr. Rob van Gerwen
Dr Rob van Gerwen

Current problems in our society can be summarised as the negligence of our subjectivity, our mind. What is the mind, what is subjectivity? Our sciences do not deal with these questions on account of their objectivist methodologies and aims. This objectivism in itself, and the reductionisms that come with it, threaten the lifeworld. The threat is enlarged in its scope and its impact on our lifeworld by our current faith in big data analysis, which according to some are capable of predicting our behaviour and of knowing us better than we know ourselves. But life as we live it revolves around our subjective choices, thoughts and feelings - our mind.

we are our minds

Some say our minds are a mere epiphenomenon of our brains, or, worse, identical to neural processes. But neural processes follow causal-chemical laws, whereas the mind follows meanings, interpretations and other mental processes that answer to norms of correctness. We are our minds. None of the questions mentioned here are dodged in this book. They are addressed head-on. In the process, an ethical argument is developed to steer contemporary societal as well as digital processes in a more humane direction, based in human presence, exchanged gazes, thick reciprocity, perception and responsibility.