16 March 2017

Sex on screen

Scarcely dressed women in music videos, lustful lyrics, and blockbuster movies with intimate scenes involving blindfolds and whips. These images are familiar and popular, but also the target of criticism. In the lecture series Pop Culture Matters by Studium Generale, we examine the role of pop culture in society. In the first lecture media and communication scholar dr. Linda Duits (UU) talks about sex on screen. Although the debate on sexualisation, sexual objectification and pornification returns every few years, the discussion is extremely difficult. And as Duits explains in het lecture, highly problematic. To find out why...

You can watch the full lecture here

or a short interview below.


There are two more lectures on pop culture remaining, they are held at Café Het Gegeven Paard, TivoliVredenburg at 5 PM:

  • March 19th - Physicist Dr Barry Fitzgerald about superhero powers and advancements in the life sciences. More info.
  • March 23rd - Media scholar Dr Laura Copier about the portrayal of the Apocalypse in blockbusters movies and current societal fears. More info.
Science Snack - Sex on Screen