Sandra Ponzanesi Visiting Professor at Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome

Prof. dr. Sandra Ponzanesi. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk

In May and June 2024, Professor of Media, Gender and Postcolonial Studies Sandra Ponzanesi is Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad (NWIB) Visiting Professor at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR).

Postcolonial Rome

“At KNIR, I will be working on my research project Postcolonial Rome: Intellectuals’ Intervenstions”, Ponzanesi says. “I aim to revisit the ideal of Rome as a Caput Mundi through postcolonial eyes. Despite its colonial legacy, the city has acquired a specific role as a shared imaginary of belonging for many postcolonial migrants. In Rome, I will be exploring the work of postcolonial writers, filmmakers, and activists engaging with Italian society and contemporary media debates in a search for diversity and inclusion.”

About Sandra Ponzanesi

Sandra Ponzanesi is Professor of Media, Gender and Postcolonial Studies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands in the Department of Media and Culture Studies and at the Graduate Gender Programme. She has published widely in the field of postcolonial studies, Italian (post)colonialism, and on the role of intellectuals, postcolonial cinema, and digital migration.