4 September 2018

NWO grant awarded for internationalisation in the humanities

Sandra Ponzanesi receives grant for project 'Postcolonial Intellectuals and their European Publics'

Sandra Ponzanesi.

This summer Prof. Sandra Ponzanesi (Gender Studies) received a NWO grant for her international research project 'Postcolonial Intellectuals and their European Publics'. This project will be a part of the programme Internationalisation in the humanities. 

Prof. dr. Sandra Ponzanesi. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk

Postcolonial intellectuals and their European Publics

Who are the postcolonial intellectuals, which of them are currently the most influential and how do they contribute to a new idea of “Europe”? This innovative international network challenges the traditional definition of the “intellectual” by emphasizing the role of migrants, artists, activists and social movements. Postcolonial Intellectuals and their European Publics network (PIN) brings together an international and interdisciplinary network of scholars to investigate the role of postcolonial public intellectuals as crucial actors in renewing the function of the humanities and of democratic participation in Europe. 

collaborating universities

NWO has awarded eight researchers funding from the programme Internationalisation in the Humanities. These are projects in which a Dutch humanities research group collaborates with at least two foreign humanities research groups. The aim of this programme is to facilitate collaboration between Dutch humanities researchers and their foreign colleagues and to strengthen the formation of international networks. 

The project will run for three years and include the participation and collaboration of several European universities:

Utrecht University, NL (PI)
University of Leeds, UK
University of Warwick, UK
University of Münster, Germany
University of Lisbon, Portugal
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy
Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
INALCO, France
University of Newcastle, UK