Sandra Ponzanesi appointed as Professor of Gender and Postcolonial Studies

Prof. dr. Sandra Ponzanesi
Prof. Sandra Ponzanesi

On 1 February, Prof. Sandra Ponzanesi has been appointed as Professor of Gender and Postcolonial Studies, with a special focus on research. She will hold this chair for the coming five years.

Ponzanesi works at the Gender Graduate Programme of the Department of Media and Culture Studies. Since August 2013, she is also Head of Humanities at Utrecht University College (UCU).

She has led several international research projects, among which the High Potential project, Wired Up (2007-2012); the 7th European Framework Mig@net (2010-2013) and the NWO Postcolonial Europe Network (2011-2014). Currently, she is the director of the Postcolonial Studies Initiative, which she also founded and is supported by the focus area Culture, Citizenship and Human Rights.

As a visiting professor, Ponzanesi spent time at UCLA and the University of California, Riverside. Recently she was a Gemma fellow at Rutgers University.

Her research activities combine gender analysis with postcolonial critique from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective, ranging from comparative literature to (new) media studies and European migration studies.

She has published widely in the field of postcolonial studies at the crossroads of other disciplines. Her most recent publications are The Postcolonial Cultural Industry (Palgrave, 2014) and Gender, Globalization and Violence (Routledge, 2014). She has co-edited several volumes among which Postcolonial Cinema Studies (2012) and Deconstructing Europe (Routledge, 2012) and guest edited several special issues, the most recent being ‘Digital Crossings in Europe’ (2014).