Rozemarijn Roland Holst ‘Best Oralist’ at 2017 IFLOS Moot Court Competition

PhD researcher Rozemarijn Roland Holst, who is working on the Sustainable Ocean project, attended the 11th IFLOS Summer Academy at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) in Hamburg. This year’s focus was on ‘Promoting Ocean Governance and the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes’ covering both international law of the sea and maritime law.

The Academy culminated in a Moot Court competition consisting of written proceedings followed by oral ‘hearings’ in the ITLOS court room. Rozemarijn was awarded a special recognition as ‘Best Oralist’ of the 2017 Moot Court by the bench presided by Professor Philippe Gautier (Registrar ITLOS). It further composed of Dr. Ximena Hinrichs (Deputy Registrar), Justice Professor Doris König and Johannes Fuchs.

Rozemarijn acted as Agent for the fictional Respondent state of Ruhania in the case concerning the effects of a disappearing island on established maritime boundaries.