12 April 2019

Rosalie Iemhoff appointed professor

Prof. dr. Rosalie Iemhoff
Prof. Rosalie Iemhoff

Prof Dr Rosalie Iemhoff (Philosophy) has been appointed Professor of Formal Reasoning on March 1, 2019 at the Faculty of Humanities. The chair is housed in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Reasoning plays a role in our existence in countless forms: from the decisions that have to be made in daily life to the argument in a courtroom or the proof of a mathematician. Reasoning has been studied in philosophy and mathematics for centuries, and it plays an important role in disciplines such as linguistics and computer science.

Formal systems

Formal reasoning is therefore at the interface of multiple disciplines in both the humanities and the exact sciences. The teaching assignment concerns the study and development of formal systems (in particular logics) and the general principles of formalization for formal reasoning.

Rosalie Iemhoff

Rosalie Iemhoff is a logician who deals with mathematical and philosophical logic and related topics. She studied mathematics at the University of Amsterdam and obtained her PhD in logic in 2001. She then spent several years as a postdoc at the University of California in San Diego and the Technische Universität Wien in Vienna. She has been working at Utrecht University since 2006. She won several scholarships in the Netherlands and abroad, including a Vici from NWO in 2018 for research into optimal proof systems. She is one of the editors-in-chief of the Journal of Philosophical Logic and editor of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.