4 September 2017

Ronja Rottger receives prestigious NWO Research Talent Grant

PhD candidate Ronja Röttger (Utrecht University School of Economics) is one of 28 young researchers who were awarded Research Talent funding of NWO in the 2017 round. She will receive the grant for her research on Worker adjustment in the digital age.

Ronja will start her PhD on 1 November 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Maarten Goos.

About the research

Automation and globalization are shaping our labour markets, its institutions, and society as a whole, and the popular belief is that economists generally focus on the benefits of such changes. However, the economics professional literature acknowledges the existence of important trade-offs from technical progress and globalization, mainly focussing on its impact on inequality in labour markets and society as a whole. But relatively little is known about how exactly digital progress and ongoing globalization results in winners and losers, and what policies best mitigate rising inequality. Using various unique data and cutting-edge theoretical and empirical knowledge, Ronja’s Phd will shed some light on these issues.