23 January 2018

Restyled UBUlink for access to publications

Now the link will lead you directly to the electronic version of a publication, if it is available via Utrecht University Library.

What is the UBUlink?

In several search engines you have found publications of intererest to you. Often you can use the UBUlink to get hold of the publications.

In the case of online publications the UBUlink usually gives direct access. In the case of print publications the UBUlink informs you about availability in the University Library.

What has changed?

Before, if you clicked on the UBUlink, a menu appeared offering you several options to consult the publication.

Now, after clicking on the UBUlink,  you will be led directly to the most suitable electronic version of the publication.


On the right hand side you will see a yellow bar. If you click on it you will see at the top the data of the publication in your browser. Below that you will find a number of alternative options to get hold of the publication.


If you click on the button "More" a menu will appear. Again you will find several options to consult the publication and links to more information.


 Want to know more about the UBUlink?