5 April 2018

Research Unit Invitation Program with University of Tsukuba

With a formal inauguration on March 8, 2018, in Tsukuba, Japan, the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences of the University of Tsukuba (UT) and the Department of Physics of Utrecht University (UU) have agreed on implementing a Research Unit Invitation Program within the Campus-in-Campus Initiative at Tsukuba.

The Program will further and support the active scientific and personnel exchange between the two universities and will bring the existing cooperation between the two groups to fruition. Partners in this Program are the Institute for Subatomic Physics of UU headed by Prof. Thomas Peitzmann and the group of Prof. Yasuo Miake and Dr. Tatsuya Chujo at UT. 

Group photo at the inaugural meeting of the collaboration between University of Tsukuba and Utrecht University

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this Program is to support the collaborative research on Quark-Gluon Plasma Physics within the ALICE experiment and in particular the development of a new detector technology for high-energy photons for use in ALICE, but with a wide range of potential applications in the future.

The Program is stationed in Japan for a period of four years. From Utrecht, the PIs are Prof. Thomas Peitzmann and dr. Marco van Leeuwen, who will visit the host university on regular intervals. A deputy PI, dr. Norbert Novitzky, will be in residence starting from June 1, 2018, appointed on an assistant professor’s position within the Research Unit. This initiative will also give new opportunities for the exchange of students.