13 December 2017

Research IT programme will continue working on innovative IT for research in 2018

Supporting and relieving researchers through IT so they can meet the guidelines for transparent, sustainable and ethical research: this goal defines the Research IT programme, which was established in 2016. Many new products and services were already delivered in the past year, such as the possibility to publish data sets with Utrecht University's Yoda data management system. We can expect to see much more in 2018, as the Executive Board has approved the programme’s budget for next year.

The programme makes an important contribution to Utrecht University’s ambition of facilitating excellent research. To this end, a sum of around 2 million euros has been awarded to Research IT for 2018. Read on to learn more about the key results achieved thus far and the developments which will take centre stage in the year ahead.

Data publishing and computing power
Yoda will become available as a data management tool for all researchers in 2018. A great deal of hard work was dedicated to the further development of the Yoda data management system in the past year. As from this month, for example, researchers of Institutions for Open Societies can publish their data sets with Yoda. In 2017, more than 15 researchers also benefited from free credits for enhanced computing power. These credits for computing power from SURFsara will be available for UU researchers next year as well.

Data science community
Another important priority for the coming year is the further development of a data science community. As part of this objective, the first Data Science Day was organised in April 2017. A follow-up to this event will be held in 2018, in collaboration with the Applied Data Science focus area. The network of data managers that was established this year will also be continued, working together with UMCU.

Innovation fund
The programme launched an innovation fund in 2017 for researchers who want to apply innovative IT in their research. Six research proposals have been approved and will be delivering the initial results over the course of the coming year. A new round of proposals will begin in the spring of 2018.

Support for data management
Over the past year, RDM Support has developed into an important point of contact for researchers seeking help with their data management plan. To make it even easier to write a data management plan, an online tool will be available in 2018. We also will be launching an online RDM training that will assist researchers in writing such a plan.

To find out how the Research IT programme and RDM Support can help you in your research, please contact info.rdm@uu.nl.