29 October 2018

Research into the Effectiveness of Decision Aids for Pension Participants

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Prof. Hans Hoeken (Language and communication), Prof. Leo Lentz (Language and communication) and Dr Adriaan Kalwij (Economics) recieve € 250,000 from the Netspar academic knowledge network for a three-year study into the effectiveness of existing interactive online decision aids for pension scheme participants.

Pension Decision Aids

The study will examine the effectiveness of various so-called Pension Decision Aids (PDAs) that already exist. PDAs guide people in making well-informed retirement decisions through a series of questions and information presentation. By looking at certain fixed criteria (e.g., explicit notification of the decision being made; information on options, risks, opportunities, and uncertainties; and the provision of personalized recommendations), researchers will examine whether the PDAs produce the desired effect and whether that effect differs according to a person's degree of literacy and cognitive abilities.

Similar studies in the medical field have revealed that decision-making aids lead to better decisions and more knowledge, more accurate risk assessment, and greater confidence about the choices made. This project will attempt to determine whether PDAs can have a similar effect in the pensions domain and what we can learn from the design of the aids used on the medical field.

About Netspar

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