Research by Rosemary Orr on English Accent Development at UCU Published

Research carried out by the late Dr. Rosemary Orr, dubbed the UCU Accent Project, has led to a new publication in JASA-EL. The paper appears a year after the Rosemary Orr’s death in November 2016. Coauthored by Hugo Quené of the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics at Utrecht University and Rosemary Orr's husband David van Leeuwen of Radboud University Nijmegen, it focuses on the longitudinal development of /s/ sounds in speakers of UCU English. Under Rosemary Orr’s leadership, the UCU Accent project documented the development of the English accents of dozens of students through their UCU career. Rosemary Orr is fondly remembered at UCU not only for her work on the UCU Accent Project for her passion for teaching and mentoring students; a scholarship has been set up in her memory.