15 June 2017

Report of the final bEUcitizen conference

Prof Sybe de Vries at final bEUcitizen conference

The final conference of bEUcitizen took place on 26-28 April 2017 in Brussels (Belgium). The theme was “The Future of EU Citizenship”.

The bEUcitizen projects aims to identify, investigate, discuss and ameliorate the barriers to the active use of rights by European citizens. The conference presented and discussed findings of the bEUcitizen research as well as policy recommendations.

The conference was open to all stakeholders interested in EU citizenship. This included academics, policy makers, general public as well as representatives of all relevant organizations. 

At the bEUcitizen website you can see a report, presentations and pictures of the conference. You can also read the opening speech by Prof Sybe de Vries of Utrecht University, coordinator of bEUcitizen.

bEUcitizenship research shows that it could ultimately be desirable to fundamentally alter the foundations of EU citizenship, placing fundamental rights at its core rather than mobility.