30 August 2019

Renewed funding until 2025 for Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Gender Studies.

The international Erasmus Mundus Master’s programme GEMMA, which is coordinated by the University of Granada, has again received 5 years of funding. This was announced by the European Commission this summer. GEMMA is an interdisciplinary degree in Gender Studies, which is provided by the Graduate Gender Programme of Utrecht University (led by Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Buikema) and partners in Granada, Bologna, Lodz, Oviedo, York, Vienna and Rutgers (USA).


Thanks to the renewed funding, the consortium can offer Erasmus Mundus-scholarships to about 30 excellent students from all over the world. About 12 extra students can be admitted to the research Master in Gender Studies at Utrecht University because of the funding.

 In addition to the European partners, GEMMA collaborates intensively with Gender Studies programmes in Latin America, such as Buenos Aires, Chili, Santo Domingo and Mexico. 

Mobility is an important aspect of the two-year GEMMA Master programme. Students are expected to participate at least one semester (six months) in a programme of a partner institution.