Reminder: Deadline submission Future Learning Spaces semester 2 2022-2023 – September 16th

For semester 2 of academic year 2022-2023, requests for an FLS must be submitted to the schedulers of your own faculty before September 16th.

Do you want to provide activating and small-scale education? Are you planning group work and you are planning to use a Future Learning Space for that purpose? If so, please note that the scheduling procedure of a Future Learning Space runs ahead of the reservation process of regular learning spaces! For more information, please read the following paragraphs carefully.

Which spaces are involved?

Within the UU the following 4 Future Learning Spaces have been developed:

Each of these spaces has its own characteristics and possible teaching methods. Watch the videos using the links above or go to the website of Future Learning Spaces for additional information about each space.

New Future Learning Space – the Learning Plaza

As of semester 2 2022-2023 it is also possible to book your course in the Learning Plaza (former canteen Minnaert building). The space lends itself to various learning activities, such as group work, discussion, meetings, lunches, brainstorming, etc. The Learning Plaza provides workstations for groups of different sizes, movable whiteboards and a number of movable screens. The space is therefore designed for group work in all shapes and sizes, but not for giving lectures. Due to the capacity for up to 150 people, the space is also suitable for large groups of students.

Timetabling of FLS

Scheduling takes place centrally, with FLS being scheduled first, then the main lecture halls, and then the remaining seminar rooms.

If you have applied for an FLS via your faculty scheduler, you will receive an invitation for an interview with one of the FLS members at short notice. During this meeting your wishes will be considered, as well as the learning activities for which you want to use the space and whether these are in line with the FLS and its experimental character. After this meeting, a decision is made within two weeks whether you can use this space.

Since Future Learning Spaces are available for the entire university and because of the experimental nature of the spaces, an introductory meeting is part of the scheduling process.

Do you have any questions?

Then please contact Laurien Jansen: or your faculty scheduling agent.