17 August 2017

Remco Westerink (IRAS) Editor-in-Chief of NeuroToxicology (Elsevier)

After having served on the editorial board and as Associate Editor for several years, Remco Westerink (IRAS) accepted the invitation to become Editor-in-Chief of NeuroToxicology (Elsevier). 

From its start in 1978, NeuroToxicology has been headed by Joan Cranmer (University of Arkansas). The journal specializes in neurotoxic effects of chemical hazards, manufactured drugs and naturally occurring compounds on the nervous system of humans, experimental animals and in vitro models. Originally, NeuroToxicology was a privately owned, small niche journal, but over the years it grew to a successful journal in the top30% of the field, with ~400 submission/year and an impact factor of 3.1. As of July 1 (2017), Joan Cranmer stepped down and Remco Westerink (IRAS-Utrecht University) and Pam Lein (University of California) became the proud new Editor-in-Chief of this esteemed journal.