2 November 2018

Up for a challenge? Student Competition with an European Final

Registration Ecotrophelia Nederland 2019 open

What’s the best way of familiarising students with product development? Nothing works better than getting them to do it for themselves! By getting them to look for gaps in the market, to develop recipes and to investigate feasibility, students gain an excellent understanding of the profession.

Competition with European final

Given that the food industry is itching for good product developers, TKI Agri & Food wants to fire students’ interest in the profession by organising a student competition. This competition, under the title Ecotrophelia, involves teams of students in higher vocational education (HBO) and at university level (WO) developing innovative food products with social and environmental concerns in mind. The best three teams will compete in an exciting final to win a ticket for the European final, which is held alternately in London or Paris.


Numerous ideas have come before the jury in recent years, such as beer made from product residues, spreads made from carrot leaves, algae snacks and gluten-free pasta. The developer of the last product has now started up her own business and will be launching her pasta on the market early next year. Ecotrophelia proves an inspiration to students each year, often resulting not only in high finishing scores at the European final, but on occasion in new businesses as well.

Food companies involved

Starting next year, we want to involve the business community more in the competition. In this way the participants can get acquainted with the way of working in the business world and can benefit from practical experiences. In what form that is going to happen is not entirely clear yet, but we will keep you informed.

Would you like to take part?

The competition is open to all food-based study programmes at MBO, HBO and WO institutions. In the preliminary rounds, often as many as eight teams will compete for a place in the Dutch final. In our view, the competition has room for a great many more than that! That’s why we’re sending a cordial invitation to your study programme to take part in next year’s competition. The Dutch final will be held on 25 May. Unlike earlier editions, this year there will be no preliminary rounds. The European final will be organised in the autumn.

Further information

You’ll find all information about the competition and previous events at www.ecotrophelia.nl.www.ecotrophelia.nl

If you’d like to know how fellow study programmes go about taking part, we’d be happy to put you in touch with them. Naturally, you can also contact us with any other queries.

It would be terrific to have a team from your study programme enter the 2019 competition! So if you’d like to take part, please don’t hesitate to contact us!