Reflections on a successful Security Conference

We enthusiastically reflect on the Security Workshop held on 21 of March 2023, which was the result of a fruitful collaboration with the Security in Open Societies Platform and the valuable input of participants from across Utrecht University researching 'security' from different disciplines and perspectives. 

In the Security workshop, we aimed to bring together researchers across Utrecht University working on ‘security,’ in order to explore the numerous ways in which security is defined, applied, and researched across disciplines and faculties, to provide space for further intellectual collaboration, and to showcase the expertise and conceptual richness harnessed within Utrecht University. 

On behalf of both platforms, we would like to thank again all participants who joined our workshop. 

The workshop was so successful that we plan to organize another follow-up workshop in October 2023 with a similar format. If you are interested in receiving updates hereon, please make sure to follow us, by subscribing to our newsletters. For Security in Open Societies, you can contact and for Contesting Governance, you can send an email to

Lastly, we have the ambition to better find and connect researchers using the concept of ‘security’ in their work. Are you using the concept of ‘security’ in your work? Please add the expertise ‘veiligheid’ (security) at your profilepage.